Triple Seven Quail Farm Flight Conditioning

My goal is to provide a quality bird at a competitive price.
I specialize in birds that are flight conditioned for good performance.
This is accomplished by not cutting corners and attention to the smallest details.

Good flight depends on several factors such as quality genetics, completely
healthy, fully feathered birds. Good feathering is basic to good flight.
Quality also depends on the absence of stress factors, actual conditioning,
large flight pens, and most importantly, complete isolation from
dogs and humans. My birds are truly isolation reared meaning
they are watered and fed remotely. Rarely do I ever interact with the birds.
Isolation reared birds produce the ‘flight response’ of being
frightened that helps quail rocket out of cover. And lastly, the final factor for
promoting a good bird is to make sure they are not over-crowded.
I am not primarily concerned with volume, so over-crowding
is never an issue here at Triple Seven Farm.
My customer testimonials speak for themselves.

My hard flying Bobwhites explode when flushed.

Give my hatchery a try, I am convinced you will be completely satisfied.