Triple Seven Quail Farm

Triple Seven Quail Farm is now offering half-day
guided quail hunts. We will provide the birds, plenty of
quality land to stretch your legs and fully trained working dogs necessary for an
awesome quail hunt. Simply bring your shotgun and plenty of ammunition.
Half-day hunts include (minmum) 10 birds.
Hunts available September 1 thru March 15
Hunting: $100.00 per gun, per half-day
(includes 10 quail per shooter)
Group Guide & Dog Service Fee is an Additional $100.00/half-day
(this is divided by number of hunters) per group.
Rate is $100.00 per gun, plus a one-time guide/dog fee of $100.00
(divided per hunting party)

6 Hunters - $700.00 Total ($116.00 per gun)
5 Hunters - $600.00 Total ($120.00 per gun)
4 Hunters - $500.00 Total ($125.00 per gun)
3 Hunters - $400.00 Total ($133.00 per gun)
2 Hunters - $300.00 Total ($150.00 per gun)
1 Hunter - $200 Total
Additional birds can be purchased for $7.00 each.
This is highly recommended as it extends the hunting time and enjoyment.
Half-day hunts are not timed. We will work with you on start times
and hunt until birds are depleted.
Call us for an amazing quail hunt experience.
Contact us at (580) 512-6366 or (580) 512-6767