Our Operation

Triple Seven Quail Farm

Privately owned and operated, the Triple Seven Quail farm was established in 2003.
A love for the outdoors along with my passion to hunt, inspired my dream of this
bird producing business. I raise my Bobwhite quail with attention to care and
detail that I believe only a small privately operated farm can provide.
Although I offer an excellent price, cost alone should never be the
sole reason to purchase from a particular hatchery. The quality of the birds
is of the utmost importance and always to be considered along with a good price.

Here at my farm, I work hard to ensure my birds are well feathered,
full beaked and wild in their reaction to hunters and their dogs.
I accomplish this by raising the birds in truly isolation modern brooder houses.
My chicks are watered automatically by nipple style drinkers from the time they
are a day old. They are fed top quality feed, supplemented with vitamins
and probiotics through a remote system. This ensures minimum exposure
to any human contact.

My grow-out and flight pens are completely surrounded by a four foot high
privacy skirting and these pens are positioned well away from all activity.
The pens are 100 foot in length to ensure good flight performance,

My goal is to maintain the highest standards, to provide the best customer
service possible, and to positively promote the game bird industry.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!