Started Birds

Triple Seven Quail Farm Started Birds

Started (stocker) birds are typically six weeks old. These younger birds are at their optimum age for the landowner who wants to restock wild coverts due to previous poor wild hatches or simply because they desire more quail than nature has been providing.

Quail brooded and reared in an isolated environment, void of exposure to the
humans or dogs and managed properly, can be expected to flush and fly
similar to native quail (if not even better!).

Assuming quality habitat is available (this a must!), simply supplement their
feed the first week or two, then slowly diminish the amount for the next week.
They will quickly learn how to locate food for themselves. I don’t recommend
continuous use of feeders because studies have shown that
this attracts predators, especially birds of prey.
Insect’s make up a very large percent of the bobwhites diet
in the summer months so releasing them at this young age into the wild
in the proper environment provides them their
greatest chance for survival and a successful fall harvest.
Starters are available during the summer months.
Adult birds (16 weeks old) available after September 1st.