Triple 777 Quail

Welcome to the Triple Seven Quail Farm

Raising high quality, flight and weather conditioned Bobwhites for
sporting, hunting or release at a fair price.

Triple Seven Quail Farm now offers Fully Guided Quail Hunts.

Privately owned and operated.
My hard flying Bobwhite quail are exceptional for a variety of uses,
whether they are for stock and release, dog training or hunting preserves.

Chicks, Started Birds and Adults

-Isolation Reared-
-Quality Feathering-
-Flight & Weather Conditioned-
-Superior Flight Performance-
-Competative Prices-
-NAGA Member-
-NPIP Approved-


My pledge to my customers is to provide healthy, strong, quick flying,
fully feathered, weather conditioned quail to satisfy
even the most demanding seasoned hunter.

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